Growers for Grace PBC

Growers for Grace was founded to lead research collaborations into the harsh terrain of the seemingly-unsolvable in human health, animal health and soil health with crop waste streams as the primary feedstock for problem-solving. Through the lens of grace as opposed to waste we see an abundantly rich resource of natural solutions with opportunities in upcycling and circular design that can create sustainable supply chain resilience and innovation. Each application is quantifiable and can help specialty crop growers convey their sustainability impact toward consumer and retail-driven targets like WalMart’s Project Gigaton (avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases from the global value chain by 2030) or the 10x20x30 initiative (top ten globally in food retail requiring at least 20 of their suppliers to cut food waste in half, farm-to-fork by 2030).

Contact: Angela Rainwater



Address: 875 Tinker Town Road, Fairfax SC 29827

County: Allendale

What They Grow: