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Creating a Bridge Between Specialty Crop Farms and E-commerce

The Creating a Bridge Between Specialty Crop Farms and E-commerce resource was developed by Dr. Jeffrey M. Campbell and Dr. Joohyung Park, both Associate Professors of Retailing at the University of South Carolina through a USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant. The purpose of this educational resource is to help specialty crop farmers develop and enhance their marketing strategies through e-commerce and online platforms.

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Good Agricultural Practices Resource Guide

Interested in pursuing GAP? Use this resource manual as a guide to help get started.

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Wholesale Success: A Farmer's Guide to Food Safety, Selling, Postharvest Handling, and Packing Produce

Produced by FamilyFarmed, Wholesale Success aids farmers in meeting the growing demand for locally/regionally grown fruits and vegetables. This manual is a guide to successful wholesaling as a small or mid-scale producer that introduces a number of skills that are key to success in this marketplace including: postharvest handling, cooling, packing, buyer-seller relations, contracts, USDA grade standards, certification opportunities, food safety, and more.

Direct Market Success: A Farmer's Guide to Farmer's Market, CSA, Farmstand, Online and Restaurant Sales

Direct Market Success is a reference guide for farms selling in direct market venues such as farmers markets, CSAs and farm stands. Closely modeled after FamilyFarmed’s Wholesale Success manual and training program, Direct Market Success is intended to be the definitive farmer’s guide to selling, food safety, postharvest handling, and logistics for farmers who are seeking to enter and grow in this burgeoning consumer sector, mainly composed of farmers markets, CSAs, online retail sales, and farm stands.