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    9am-4pm Presbyterian College, Harrington-Peachtree Ampitheatre, 503 S Broad St, Clinton, SC

    AGAware is a program that seeks to promote and educate the next generation of young, beginning, small and underserved farmers. AGAware is comprised of three divisions:

    • Educational workshops
    • Proactive community involvement projects to promote agriculture
    • Speakers bureau to promote agriculture and educate

    The AGAware program will offer insight into topics that include the following:

    • Balance Sheets
    • Income Statements
    • Personal Finance
    • Credit Bureau Scores
    • Risk Management
    • Succession Planning
    • Building a Budget
    • Accrual Income
    • Available Finance Programs for YBSM

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Our Mission

To support promotional, research, and educational efforts for improving the marketing and quality of production of fresh fruit, vegetable, and specialty crops grown in South Carolina.

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